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About us

Blockchain Innovation is based in Austin, TX.

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The founders of Blockchain Innovation have many years of experience in all kinds of development roles across multiple industries.  In early 2011, we began learning about and experimenting with Bitcoin.  Since then, we have been involved in large mining operations, coin development, hardware sales and more for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and several other alt-coins.

In 2015 we discussed options that were currently available for cryptocurrency ATM's.  After finding that all options were either too expensive for small locations to afford, or that the smaller, less expensive options were never actually manufactured, the idea for BitTeller was born.  BitTeller has designed and built a small, but powerful, cryptocurrency teller machine.  After months of development, prototypes, and testing, the BitTeller is now in production as of May 2016. 

BitTeller is now the world's most affordable Bitcoin ATM!