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What is BitTeller?

BitTeller is the World's most affordable Bitcoin ATM.

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How Does BitTeller Work?

The ATM owner loads the BitTeller's internal wallet to a desired amount.  They can then put the BitTeller in their place of business, home, or meeting hall. It is then ready for friends, customers, or anyone to purchase BTC with cash.  At the end of the day, the owner can then remove bills and reload the BTC if desired. The owner can be alerted via email notifications for issues such as a low balance (which can be replenished remotely), system errors, and daily status reports.  

The BitTeller is very portable, which makes it easy to carry around to different locations. We recommend securing the unit to something to deter theft these options will be offered during checkout. 

BCI/Bitteller cannot restore coins from your machine, neither can a bad actor even with physical access.  BCI/Bitteller also cannot retrieve your passphrase.  So long as you store the Mnemonic recovery key in a safe place your coins are recoverable and safe.  

BitTeller updates prices every 2 minutes from Coinbase to make sure to keep BTC pricing accurate.  BitTeller allows ATM owners to adjust the pricing to earn money on every BTC purchase.

BitTeller is Perfect for:

College Bitcoin groups, local Bitcoin meetups, coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants or for your man cave.  Buy a BitTeller to enable your customers to buy Bitcoin at your location or just to impress your friends with your new Bitcoin ATM.

What Cryptocurrency Does BitTeller Accept?

BitTeller is currently configured to process Bitcoin.

Technical Specifications:

Bill Acceptor

Case Physical Dimensions*

*Not including lock, bill receiver, or rubber feet which may extrude a bit

Power Requirements

Standard 110v AC NEMA 15 plug. 
International power adapters available upon request
Vehicular 12v Power adapter compatible

Connectivity Requirements

Wifi is required

Admin Options

Security Features

Other Options

We are happy to consider all customizations and additions to the BitTeller.  If you have any suggestions, contact support and we will let you know availability, timeline, and a price quote.  

Bulk Pricing 

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