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Company Changes Upcoming - New Units IN STOCK ready to Ship Today

April 25, 2019

Bitteller is finalizing a deal to transfer ownership and revitalize the company's production and growth. Over the last few years, Bitteller has overcome and survived through immense struggles, (like hurricanes, politics, and contractor turnover,) to maintain its direction of progress and innovation in the codebase and hardware.


To prevent future confusion, Bitteller is announcing that the first part of this change will involve listing all units as "in stock/out of stock," and clarifying which units will be produced and stocked. "Out of stock" units will still be built on demand over a much shorter lifecycle than before. (1 week vs 1-4 months!)


Bitteller is also proud to announce that V2/V3 software and hardware will have the necessary backing to complete development and release timely updates.


More details of these changes will be revealed shortly, we will update you as soon as possible with more news. Thank you!