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The world's most affordable Bitcoin ATM Job offer SCAM

May 25, 2018

A group who purchased the domain is offering jobs using bittellers name/images.   This is not anyone associated with bitteller or Blockchain Innovation and clearly indicates a scam to collect your personal information.   Our emails will come from or 



Sample email below: 

From: <>

Date: xxx
Subject: BitTeller job offer
To: xxx

Dear XXX,
It is my pleasure to extend the following offer of employment to you from BitTeller.
BitTeller is the World's Largest Bitcoin ATM Operator offering the industry's lowest rates. We also offer industry-leading LIVE 7-day customer support and are proud to be the exclusive Company. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind remote enrollment form, you can conveniently fill in the application form. After reviewing your resume in xxx, we would like to extend this offer...
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First International Order has Shipped!

August 01, 2016
Our first international order has been shipped!  The unit will be heading to a location in the Jamaica.
If you have not checked to see if your country is supported for BitTeller bitcoin ATMs, check out our country page to see the full list.  View countries here.
If you live in Jamaica, or are vacationing there, keep a look out for the BitTeller machine. 
If you are looking to buy a bitcoin ATM, visit our store to see the selection.
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BitTeller is Ready to Ship

June 20, 2016

BitTeller is Ready to Ship

We have been busy working on our first batch of BitTeller bitcoin atms!  You can see here in our picture, just a small portion of our first batch of units.

BitTeller Bitcon ATM Batch 1
All of these units are configure to accept U.S currencies and dispense Bitcoin to your customers.  We are working on accepting other non-U.S. currencies and other cryptocurrency. 
Check out the BitTeller A-6 Bitcoin ATM in our store, or contact our support if you have any questions!

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BitTeller Demo Transaction

June 07, 2016

BitTeller Demo Transaction

Take a look at our first demo video.  Here you can see how quick and easy a transaction is on the BitTeller ATM. 

You can see the person scan his wallet address QR on the Coinbase app to designate where to send the BTC.  Then he inserts his cash and confirms the order.   Seconds later, the BTC he purchased is pending in his Coinbase account.  There are no camera tricks here, the transaction is really pending within seconds.

Since this initial demo transaction was filmed, we have since updated the case to the black color you can see in our photos.  Check out the BitTeller here!

The BitTeller is nearly ready to ship to customers.  Purchase today, or contact support if you have questions.

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