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What's New at Bitteller

August 09, 2021

BitTeller was started to fill a void in the marketplace.   A low cost Bitcoin ATM company went under and failed to fulfill orders or support units.   Shortly thereafter BitTeller was born.  Created by former engineers, IT executives and programmers who all began in Crypto in 2010-2011.  Our goal was fill the void of low cost, secure, and easy to use Bitcoin ATM's for the low cost market.  Our wallet technology is what makes BitTeller work.   

When we initially launched five years ago we set the cost of one BitTeller at 1 Bitcoin.  Which was only a few hundred dollars.   We've never been big on advertising so many people haven't heard of us.  We continue to quietly provide our products as a service to the crypto community.  To spread adoption and usage of crypto around the world. 

So what's new? 

BitTeller has enabled purchasing via PayPal for all orders within the United States. You can now pay via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Venmo. You can of course continue to pay via crypto and get a 25% Discount with discount code "crypto"

BitTeller BTM's can only be purchased at

Our online store is built on the technology, security, and safety of three publicly traded multi-billion dollar companies; Shopify, Coinbase, and PayPal. Customer support cannot accept payments as that would remove the safety and security of those multi-billion dollar platforms.

All BitTeller purchases are now backed by BuySafe providing you $10,000 Identity Theft protection, $1,000 Purchase Guarantee, and a $100 Low Price Guarantee. Click on the banner in the bottom left of for details.

Bulk pricing has been publicly posted for August 2021. 

Our next developer and hardware integration meeting is scheduled for September 2021 and we anticipate software updates and hardware add-on modules to begin rolling out over the remainder of '21 and into 2022.